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Prospectuses is a platform that is schemed with a perspective that is equally favorable for students as well as universities. we provide solutions to the problems that students face while pursuing admissions in the universities. they find it difficult and are confused when selecting the most appropriate and best university for their respective disciplines. Prospectuses provides its services to the students who are planning to secure admission in their respective universities. out platform provides almost all the prospectuses of the Universities active in Pakistan in Private and Public Sector. These universities are recognized by the Higher Education Commission and respective Accreditation Councils currently working in Pakistan. The importance of Accreditation can be described looking on the aspect that the students graduating from the universities which are not recognized or accredited with the Commissions and Council face a lot of difficulties in pursuing jobs and promising career paths. Prospectuses provides the students with an opportunity to select their preferred universities without worrying about their accreditation or recognition.

Prospectuses is an equal opportunity for the Universities of Pakistan. We give them a chance to use our platform for their prospectuses. This will help the students in the going through the admission process easily. It is the best platform for the universities to make their business grow and come up on the list of universities with most number of students admitted in their campus. Prospectuses helps the Universities by advertising and marketing their business nationwide on a single platform. You always have the option to get your prospectuses designed and printed by us. We have a Professional Team and a supreme leadership which enables us to work with better prospects.

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Behind the team

Behind the team

M. Imran is the man behind the success and toil of Prospectuses.pk. He is an enthusiastic person who always works on the principles of quality, excellence and professionalism. Running his business successfully in the field of printing and design, he came up with an idea to work for the facilitation of students looking to pursue admission in universities and institutions of Pakistan.

Working in the Printing and design industry as a family business, his father started all this in 1998. With a small shop, a single computer, a photocopy machine and some rolls of printing paper, he managed to take that to a Nationally Renowned Printing company in the span of just 8 years. M. Imran is a graduate in B. Com with a Master’s Degree of MBA(Marketing), is a Professional and an Expert who has been running the business since 2004. Gaining experience from his father, he knows how to handle the clients and how to do negotiations on the Mega Projects successfully. His strategy is to look for the chances that can make his company go up in the business sector. Managing a big organization and handling the problems, coming in the path of his success, is all he is expert at.

M. Imran expanded his business to Prospectuses, considering the dire need of a platform that students can avail for pursuing admissions in universities by viewing their respective prospectuses conveniently. His team consists of 10 Members who are expert professionals in their respective fields. M. Imran knows how to manage the teamwork by providing friendly, yet challenging workspace environment that brings up new ideas and innovations. The team of Prospectuses.pk is a well-educated and graduates of famous design and art institutions like Beaconhouse National University(BNU), National College of Arts(NCA), Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design(PIFD) and Punjab University(PU). M. Imran know very well, how to keeps his environment and business integrated. He handles the projects by keeping in mind the aspects that can keep his employees adhered with him, ensuring mass profits and business outcomes for his company.

M. Imran is a man with hobbies and recreation too. He is a professional snooker player with his own cues and equipment. A royal member of Royal Palm and Residencia Hotel, proving his ambition and a creative mind for activities other than his own business.